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I love my books very much, we have shared a piece of the road together, so we know each other pretty well. Now, let me introduce you to them, I hope you will enjoy them too.

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The Gospel According To Aaron

ISBN-13: 978-1794038035


This is my second novel. A story of tragedy, love and inner research set in outer space and Earth, with a sort of fantasy accent.

Jussi, the engineer on board the Blustardusk ship, is striken by a grevious loss. He leaves Anusia in search for answers and for that minimum inner balance he needs to get through the rest of his days anonimously. On Earth he meets Emma, and this changes many things.

This book explores feelings, from tenderness to impotence, from desperation to love. It investigates the meaning of faith and spirituality, it is somehow a journey within.

For dreamers, lovers of romance, and for all those always in search of beauty and grace.



ISBN-13: 978-1507552216


This is my first novel. A story of love and adventure set in outer space and with a sort of fantasy accent.

Nausikaa, a young earthling, is mistakenly taken onboard a spaceship from planet Anusia. She has to adapt to new people and different rules, she will see beautiful planets and odd creatures, but she will also bring some unforseen changes to this old and structured society.

For dreamers and lovers of romance with a little bit of action.


Red Rose, Blue Velvet

ISBN-13: 978-1530159772


I selected and translated most of these love poems from my rather vast poetry production, to complete the collection, I have added some unpublished ones that I had written directly in English.

Love is explored in its various forms, from ideal to sensual, earthly to metaphysical.


Selected Poems

ISBN-13: 978-1530054664


I went through all my poetry collections, and chose a few poems from each to produce this antology. My aim with this piece of work, was that of giving the  reader the chance to approach the various periods and styles of my poetical venture in one all-inclusive volume.


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