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My name is Tanya Biondi, I'm a mother, an author and an artist.

I was born in 1968 in London but I grew up in Italy where I still live with my family. I work as a secretary and use my spare time for writing and creating. 

As a teenager I started with poetry, then went on to lyrics for songs and a few years ago I wrote my first novel and others are following. I enjoy every phase of making a book, a song or a painting.

Naturally there are other things that fill my life, a part from the most important one, my son. I like travelling, getting a feeling of the places I visit. Also art exhibitions, museums, concerts and readings.

I believe in peace, mutual trust and progress, I'm curious and interested in meeting other cultures and histories, I believe in the power of listening and learning and beauty.

Finally, I'm full of faults, but I strive to keep them under control if I cannot solve them.

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